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Nine Reasons I Swear

posted Oct 9, 2011, 4:14 PM by Ray Hughes
Coaches, as we begin the season this year, let's remember that though competition can get the best of us from time to time, there are young eyes and young ears on us considering whether our speech and actions are consistent with the values we claim to believe.  "Nine Reasons I Swear" from Joe Ehrmann is a humorous reminder of this point...

1.       It pleases my mom so much

2.       It is a display of manliness

3.       It proves I have great self-control

4.       It indicates how clearly my mind functions

5.       It makes conversation so pleasant

6.       It leaves no doubt in anyone's mind as to my upbringing

7.       It impresses people

8.       It makes me a very desirable personality to woman and children

9.       It is an unmistakable sign of my culture and refinement


- Inside Out Coaching  by: Joe Ehrmann